Szasz Friderich

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Reghin, Romania



Possessing a professional violin is the key factor that determines the sweetness and nobility of the music which will be played. Such fine objects are masterpieces in their own right, crafted with delicacy, care and precision to be able to create sounds and melodies that are unique and irreplaceable. It is a proven fact, that a fully handmade violin is able to raise the standard when it comes to music. Keeping this in mind, I have to acknowledge that every musician has particular tastes, expectations and desires when it comes to violins.

Knowing all this, I strive to do my best in crafting instruments that cater to the needs of these musicians, who come to me, so that artist and violin can become one. Every instrument, which I craft is unique, created with skill, patience and dedication. The materials I use, the wood in particular is of the highest quality so that the sound and the violins in themselves are at the highest standards and worthy of skilled musicians.

As stated above, much care goes in the creation of an exquisite instrument, and great care is taken when it comes to the material used in the process. The wood is carefully selected and obtained from Transylvania forests, at a great height. The wood, after cutting, is molded at the specific standard and requests, depending upon the desired size of the instrument, to be afterwards air dried between 8 to 15 years. The airing process depends on the quality of the wood itself.

My aim is to provide instruments of the highest quality, which last and are molded to the exact needs of the artists. For the making of violins and violas I am keen on the Stradivarius and Guarneri violin models, yet in some cases, at the specifications and sizes require by customers, some of the instruments, professional violins, violas and cellos were custom made. Orders were carried out for clients and partners from oversees, hence instruments were shipped to countries such as the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hungary, Spain, Italy and so on.

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