The Coat of Arms Fountain

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Piaţa Petru Maior, Reghin 545300, Romania


On the eastern side of Petru Maior Square we meet a fountain featuring elements of the old city’s coat of arms.

The first coat of arms on the left is found in the original, in a double copy that is kept by the Evangelical Church. The coat of arms has the shape of a shield split into two parts by a diagonal fascia, in the right side of which there is a lily, and in the left there is a sixpointed star: diagonally there is a band that reads O.P.R. (Oppidum Privilegiatum Regun, that is Regun Privileged Fair).

The item in the middle is the 1848 coat of arms. In the original, it lies on the facade of no. 95 house on Mihai Viteazu Street. On the blazon is a weapon announcer holding a horn at his mouth, his spear placed on his left arm.

On the coat of arms dating back to 1923 (right) there is a shield, stamped by a three-towered mural crown, representing a rafter driving his boat in waves that represent the River Mures. As rafting was the most important and laborious activity in old Reghin, the Boat Company set up in 1853 controlled about half of the float trade on the River Mures.

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