The Lent Lilies Glade from Gurghiu

Natural attractions


DJ153C, Romania


Located on the Mureș river platform, bordered by foothills, there is the famous meadow/glade with lent lilies/daffodils from Gurghiu. The lent lilies glade from Gurghiu is a nationally protected area.

The botanical reservation, with a surface area of 3 hectares, the meadow/glade is full of grassland predominant with water loving vegetation.

In the atmosphere of the 164 plant species grows and develops under optimal conditions Narcissus stelaris-narcisa. The number of specimens on square metres varies between 2 to 10.

The glade must be visited in month April and May, so the flowers can be seen in their true splendor, and to feel their enticing smell. In this botanical reservation can be seen and other flowers species, such as mottled tulip and the siberian iris.

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