The Dendrological Park from Gurghiu

The Dendrological Park from Gurghiu

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Parcul Dendrologic Gurghiu, DJ153C, Romania


The dendrological park from Gurghiu is one of the most well preserved historical parks of Transylvania, with an age of 300 years.

In the feudal castle courtyard of Gurghiu you can visit the dendrological park, founded around year 1740 by Bornemisza family. Inside the park there are over 350 of rare species, preserved. Of these, over 100 are exotic trees and are brought from other countries as United State of America, Australia, Turkey or Japan, and the rest of them are indigenous trees.

The park has a water network, a lake populated with waterfowl, an island, also a well defined network of alleys. The originality of the park it is given also by other ancient buildings such as: the little house from the lake`s shore, some small wooden chalets and a gazebo.

The park offers visitors the opportunity to relax in a natural surroundings, and to those botanical enthusiasts the opportunity to enhance their knowledge. Park entrance is free.

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