The Salty Baths from Ideciu

The Salty Baths from Ideciu


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Ideciu de Jos 547360, Romania


Located at 7 kilometers of Reghin municipality, Ideciu de Jos is known also by the locals or by the surroundings for its climatic health resort of regional interest and it is very much appreciated, resort with salted water and therapeutic mud. The two great advantages of salty baths, still are the salt water, which is recommended in various diseases and treatments, and not least, existing mineral mud here, which have therapeutic effects for different parties of the human body.

The salt water pool, fed by several concentrated springs saltwater (150 grams of salt/liter), it is divided into three parts, first pool, for adults, has a depth of 1,60 meters, the next two have 1,40 and 1,20 meters.

The swimming pool has a terrace where you can eat, undressing cabs, cold water showers, a space for mud treatments, equipped with a mud container.

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