The Youth Park

The Youth Park

Recreation / Kids playground


Strada Băii, Reghin 545300, Romania


The Youth Park is a recreation place located downtown Reghin, near the Mureş meadow.

The place had been designed as a recreational area since the second half of the nineteenth century and was known as “Promenada” or “Arenna”.

Until 1944, it was endowed with a football eld, a swimming school, a lake, a skating rink, places for water sports, tennis and gymnastics, promenade alleys, a restaurant with an outdoor terrace, a fanfare kiosk, bowling alley.

Its name changed over time: in 1929 it was known as Queen Maria Park, in 1944 the Liberty Park, and in 1960 the “People’s Park”.

The sports complex in today’s Youth Park includes a stadium, a track of athletics, a swimming pool and a sports hall. In addition to the alleys surrounded by vegetation, the Youth Park features playgrounds for children and a terrace restaurant.

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