Fărăgău Lake


Comuna Fărăgău, jud. Mureș, Faragau, Romania, 547225


Fărăgău Lake is a protected natural area because of the flora and fauna species protected by the national and European legislation.
The pond belongs to the Pond farm in Glodeni. Large surface of 35 ha, small depth of 4.5 m, natural format. It has a length of 750 m and a width of 350. The lake has formed through the natural barrier of the Sar stream with its own alluviums.
The reservation, declared since 1990, includes the lake and the surrounding land. It is the only lake in the Mureş area with large areas of reed and rush, forming floating plains.
The fauna is represented by over 180 species of birds nesting or transiting the area.
GPS Coordinates Lake: 46.747696, 24.527589
Fish species: perch, caras, carp, shawl, sleep, pike. "

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