Reasons to visit our city

Reasons to visit our city

Tourist Attractions

The city of violins, certified in 1228, Reghin keeps the atmosphere of a Transylvanian burg. The initial town developed around the central market where the city fairs once took place, today the Central Park, a place where products made by the guild masters attested in the fifteenth century were once sold.
Around the central market there are baroque, neo-classical, secessionist and eclectic buildings, some of which housed personalities from Reghin, cultural associations and institutions that give a special charm to the historic center.
Visitors can discover the oldest monument of the city, the Evangelical Church, the parish where Petru Maior served, namely the wooden church of the former village of Reghin-Sat, an oasis of tradition provided by the miniature village of the Anton Badea Ethnographic Museum and the world famous craft of making violins.

A multicultural city

Reghin represents a good model of interethnic cohabitation generated by centuries of cohabitation of at least four ethnicities: Germans, Hungarians, Romanians and Jews. The diversity of ethnicity and multilingualism have generated tradition and created specific cultural and spiritual heritage.
The various events from Reghin’s cultural agenda clearly reflect the multiculturalism of the city. This cultural and ethnic diversity have generated a common dowry that is the city.

Beauty of nature around Reghin


To enjoy a promenade in the fresh air, you can choose between the Tineretului Park, the Central Park or you can take a hike in the Round Forest.
The Tineretului Park has been set up as a leisure area since the second half of the 19th century, today the park features promenade alleys, playgrounds for children, a sports complex and a leisure area with swimming pools for adults and children offering in a clean and neat environment so that everyone can enjoy the sun and good mood.
The Round Forest , the highest point of the city (455m), is one of the most beautiful areas of Reghin, being a place known to the locals for recreation, sports and tourism.

Beauty of nature around Reghin

Situated at the confluence of the Gurghiu and Mures rivers, Reghin is a starting point for exploring the natural beauties such as:
- The Reservation of Old Oaks in Mociar Forest, with trees between 650-720 years old
- The Dendrological Park located next to Rakoczi - Bornemisza Castle in Gurghiu,
- “Defileul Mureşului Superior” Natural Park, a protected area of national interest,
- Andreneasa with its 5 million years old mould caves with a fabulous appearance
- Natural Reserve “Scaunul Domnului”, with “Scaunul Domnului” Peak (1381 m height)


In Reghin, we have the only school in the world with a sports dance program, “Mirona” Gymnasium School, which annually hosts the Mirona Cup, a reference competition in Romanian sports dance, which brings together hundreds of talented competitors and specialists.

The reputation of this dance school has crossed the country's borders, both through spectacular results and through the international and national seminars and competitions organized by the “Dansul Viorilor” sports club.
For 15 years, the national sports dance teams of Romania are being prepared in the five specially arranged halls in Reghin, a city that became the National Center for Excellence in Sport Dance.

With the election of Gabriel Toncean as the President of the Romanian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (FRCF) in 2013, Reghin was positioned on the map of national and international bodybuilding.

Between May 1-3, 2015, the Balkan Championships for Bodybuilding and Fitness were held for the first time in Reghin, Romania being the host of the event organized by the Romanian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation.

Also, the Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, with the support of City Hall and Local Council of Reghin, organized between 15th and 17th of September 2017 the event "Fitness Festival", which gathered in Reghin the national bodybuilding and fitness team to enter the last stage of the preparations for participation in the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship - Bistrița 2017, November 10-13.

New Cremone

Reghin is known all over the world as the City of Violins or, more recently, the New Cremone, names it has received due to the violins that are manufactured here. The great concert halls around the world echo the accords of these musical instruments made in the “City of Violins”. There are two musical instrument manufacturing companies in Reghin, but there are also several master violin makers, achieving works of great complexity and refinement, designed for the big concert halls.

The production of musical instruments in Reghin started in 1951, when violin maker Roman Boianciuc opened the first musical instrument factory in the area. Coming from Bucovina, but educated in Prague, Roman Boianciuc is considered to be the most skillful Romanian violin maker and the founder of violinmaking industry in Reghin.

In 1965, at the “George Enescu” International Festival, Boianciuc took with him four violins for which he was awarded a certificate of appreciation from David Fiodorovici Oistrah, known in the musical world as one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century. In 1951 Boianciuc set up a musical instruments department at the wood processing plant, unique in Romania, now the Hora Musical Instruments Factory, the first musical instruments factory in the city.
In 1992, another musical instruments factory - Gliga Musical Instruments S.A, which brought Reghin worldwide renown - was established, and as a confirmation of the value of its musical instruments, the great violinist Yehudi Menuhin also performed a Gliga violin.

New Cremone

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