Alexandrina Biriș

Alexandrina Biriș


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Reghin, Romania, 545300


Alexandrina is constantly guided by love for ancient motifs, sewing and weaving with all her passion the smallest beads, in traditional and new forms to make ornaments, as a gratitude for traditional art.

Alexandrina is a collaborator of the Anton Badea Ethnographic Museum in Reghin, holding out numerous activities and workshops with adults and children in its space. She is also one of the initiators, organizers and artisans on the Handmade in Reghin project, funded through the Reghin Community Fund where hundreds of people had the opportunity to learn various craft techniques.

Her soul collection is called Dar cu dor.

  • are created and made by a person full of passion for motives and gratitude to their creators,
  • are intended for those who carry their tradition in their souls and longs, and are appreciated by those who want to give a piece of tradition to those who have gone away from home or to friends abroad
  • discreetly attract attention through finesse, symmetry, and good taste
  • are suitable to be worn both at folk costume and in a casual outfit
  • are made in very small series, so you have the opportunity to wear or give special pieces. 




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