GREEN ROUTE - Velopoteca

GREEN ROUTE - Velopoteca

Made by the unDAverde Association, through the architect Klaus Birthler, "Velopoteca" is a series of three cycling trails around Reghin.

This public route offers "an alternative to spending leisure time, redeeming the natural environment, whose beauty and biodiversity have a huge potential for relaxation, sports and tourism," as revealed by the architect from Reghin.

There are three routes:

1. the “Sunset Velopoteca”, marked with yellow, is 5.4 km long and starts from the Hospital Street to Mihai Viteazu Street
2. the “Chilly Velopoteca”, marked with blue, is 7,3 km long and starts from Hospital Street to Vănătorilor Street through the Hedel Forest
3. the “Poienii Velopoteca”, marked with red, is 4 km long and starts from Vânătorilor Street to Dedradului Street.

Maps with these routes can be found at the Reghin Tourist Information Center.

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